What I have already implented in my daily life….

In this post I would like to tell you about the things I have already implemented in my daily life to live more sustainable.

Many of those things are so simple and easy, you can also try out as well.

Firstly, use your own bag! Nowadays, almost all supermarkets ask for money for bags. If you bring your own bag it you are not only doing something good for the environment, but it is also cheaper for you. These bags are one oft the biggest issue for our environment, because they are not biodegradable.

Secondly, bring you own coffee mug! I love my coffee-to-go at McDonalds! But everytime a new plastic cup? Only to throw it away after a few minutes? NO! Instead use a screw glass! Most waiters will happily fill your own cup without any questions. This is a simple and easy way to avoid using one-use plastic.

Used for about 5 minutes and than out in the nature for hundrets of years….

Another thing you can do to help the environment is to stop using plastic drinking straws!  Many companies produce straws out of stainless steel, bamboo or other environmentally friendly materials. For my Gin-tonic, for example, I have short glass straws which fit perfectly into the glass.

You could also make your own soap! I tried to make my own soap instead of shower gel! It works great! You can even add your favourite fragance. It takes a little time to make the soap, buts its a satisfying activity. I will tell you about this in more details in another blog.

Another suggestion to live a more sustainable life ist o buy milk and yoghurt in glass bottles instead of plastic containers. At the supermarkets you can find large selections of milk and other milkproducts filled in glass bottles. You can even buy your favourite lemonade in glassbottles.

And lastly, use a sodastream – machine instead of buying water in plastic bottles. Since I have bought a sodastream- machine, I can produce my own „sparkling water“, which I fill in a cute reusable glassbottle to take with me.

So, as you can see, there are many simple things you can change to avoid plastic. These things do not take a lot of effort and can easily be implemented. So try them out!

Here are some useful links for more inspiration:




3 thoughts on “What I have already implented in my daily life….

  1. Everyone should develop a little more awareness of our environment. I’ve been using a self-sewn bag for shopping for a long time. I will also use your tip with the coffee mug in the future (also not bad for the long courses at the university ;-)).


  2. Really interessting blog post! 🙂 I have already added a few things to my everyday life too, look forward to more posts from you!


  3. This is such an interesting and important topic! And it’s really easy to do something for the environment as your blog post shows. I take a bag with me whenever I leave the house because I hate to have to buy a new bag just to use it once.


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