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Cleaning your flat plastic free..

At my shopping trip a few days ago I also was looking for some plastic free cleaning products. There where so many plastic bottles but only a few really plastic free products for cleaning.

Do you really need a special product for every single surface you have? Before I regularly bought some new cleaning supplies to try them out. It ended up with a huge selecetion of cleaning supplies and cleaning wipes and many other items. After we moved I use all of them up. It took nearly 3 to 4 months to get rid of all these plastic bottles. Now I only have one cleanser for glass, one for the bathroom and an all-purpose-cleaner… You don´t need more.Continue reading “Cleaning your flat plastic free..”


How to be plastic free in the bathroom…

Today I wanted to know, what I could buy at local stores that I need for my daily morning routine in the bathroom.

I was looking for cosmetic products, which are sustainable an not packed in plastic. I chose a local store, called DM, to conduct the experiement.Continue reading “How to be plastic free in the bathroom…”

What I have already implented in my daily life….

In this post I would like to tell you about the things I have already implemented in my daily life to live more sustainable.

Many of those things are so simple and easy, you can also try out as well. Continue reading “What I have already implented in my daily life….”

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